Level V

Questions & Answers

Here you will find important information in the overview. If you have any further questions we are happy to help:

Use our contact form or call us at: Phone: +43 55 23 69 2 96 Mobile: +43 664 73 98 55 99


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Payment / Cancellation

Read P.  2 - 6 at Terms and Conditions:


Reasonable arrangements and an elaborate training we discuss extensively here:

Registration and booking


Booking requests can be made ​​via our contact form.

For registration please use our booking form PDF, also at the end of the tour description.

Fill it out, scan it and send the form by mail or e-mail


At Level-V (pronounced level five), the program is in the name.

We mainly offer tours at Level 3 or 5 (explained below).

Arrival and Departure 

Unless otherwise agreed, the arrival and departure takes place independently in your own organization at the starting point of the tour.

We can arrange a shuttle for your group for a common arrival and departure.

For journeys by rail, please inquire early about the possibility of bike entrainment.
Register a bicycle transportation on the railroad. Use the specified phone numbers to indicate a delay. (Hot meals often only untill 20 clock)

Health & Fitness

A intact health and a surpassing fitness are a prerequisite for participation in a tour with us.

With a realistic self assessment, on our site you can find whether our tours are suitable for you.

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