Level V


At Level-V (pronounced level five), the program is in the name.

We mainly offer tours at Level 3 or 5 (explained below).


If you have good coordination, fitness and MTB experience, you will be OK on our tours.

During our training weekends, we help you to assess your level of preparation.

And if it becomes too difficult on tour, you can also push the bike or choose an easier way.

Level 4 - Biking for Experienced (Advanced) level

For athletic mountain bikers. Good riding skills and good physical condition are required.

You can ride long climbs over 1-2 hours with about 500 altitude meters per hour.

Downhills are real fun and they are the cherry on the cake of a perfect bike day.


Regular bike riding is part of your daily routine. Bike rides until 2000 altitude meters are what you are able to do . You carry and push your bike if necessary.

Riding Skills:

Steps, roots and rocks are welcome and are part of your standard repertoire. Clearing technical trail sections without putting a foot down is a welcome challenge for you.

You are sure-footed in alpine environment and fast and technical downhills are fun for you.


Level 5 - Mountain Biking for Experts

 For bike enthusiasts with many years of mountain biking experience.

With strength, endurance and experience, you are here on the right tour. In terms of speed and riding technique you are up to anything.


Regular exercise is part of your everyday life, and you can ride 80km with 2500 altitude meters  in a day at a fast pace.

Riding Skills:

Challenging mountain terrain and trails are what you look for, where as downhills on fire roads are seen as a waste.

You seek trails with steps, roots, switchbacks and exposed sections.

The trails we take are rated in the singletrack scale as being between 0 and 3.

In passages in where the trail becomes S 4-5, we recommend to get off the bike.

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