Level V

Villa Rey Level 2-3

Level 2-3

Lago Trasimeno Easy & Fun, Level 2-3 175-225 km, 4.000-4.500 hm
Mountain Bike Day trips  Feel the Flow.

In the hilly landscape around Lake Trasimeno, is a biking area that fulfills all wishes.

Villa Rey Country House

Villa Rey
is a Bike hotel with four star facilitiesdesigned bybikers for bikers and operated.
An ideal starting point for mountain biking, trekkingbike, racing bike, electric bike.
In addition to the amenities and the special service forcyclists, you can expect a relaxed holiday atmospherewith an Italian flair. Sensitively developedin a typical Umbrian farmhouse and the former stables6 tastefully decorated rooms and suites.

For the well-kept resort includes a restaurant,swimming pool, park and bike center.

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